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Movie Name : Jindua Movie Watch Online Download Punjabi Movies
Type : Action , Comedy , Romantic
Star Cast : Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta
Quality : HD , 720p
Running Time : 130 minutes
Language : punjabi Movies
File Size : 700 MB
Release Date
: April 26 , 2017

IMDb : 7.5/10

Short Description :

Jindua Movie Download Watch Online 2017 HD 720p BluRay is a Action , Comedy , Romantic . punjabi Movies Download 2017 and Watch Online in HD Free from our site . In this Film Jimmy Shergill, Neeru Bajwa, Sargun Mehta played the main roles. The running time of this film is 130 minutes . Movie was released on

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Story Line :

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